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Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game Collector's Edition (Deluxe/Kickstarter Version)

Cellulose: A Plant Cell Biology Game Collector's Edition (Deluxe/Kickstarter Version)

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    Game Description: Cellulose is a “worker placement” game set inside a plant cell. Players take turns activating organelles that contribute to the function and health of the cell. They will compete for limited access to water and other resources, carry out photosynthesis to produce carbohydrates, and release plant growth hormones to grow their plant’s roots and shoots, giving them better access to resources on future turns. Players score points for turning carbohydrates into cellulose to build the cell wall, for contributing water to the central vacuole, and for constructing cell components such as enzymes, starches, and protein storage vacuoles. The game continues until the cell wall is completed, and the player with the most points is the winner.


    Type of Game: Worker placement, area control


    Science Concepts: Xylem, stomata, chloroplast, cell wall, mitochondria, ribosomes, nucleus, cytoplasm, plasma membrane, DNA polymerase, rubisco, cellulose synthase, GH3 synthase, lipase, vacuolar processing enzyme, amylase, protein storage vacuole, starch, aquaporin, cytokinin receptors, gibberellin receptors, seed embryos


    Players: 1 - 5

    Age: 14+

    Time: 45 - 90 miutes



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