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Meet the Players!

Dustin Staats “The OG Sorcerer”

As “The OG Sorcerer” Dustin yielded his magical powers to found Board Gaming with Education. He is the owner and director of Board Gaming with Education and is focused on building and growing the community Board Gaming with Education.

Dustin has experience teaching English as a second language to a variety of age levels – from kindergarten to university students. He also works in the field of education in various capacities, including consulting, research, and running and hosting tutoring programs. He is always looking for ways to create a more engaging classroom to develop a strong classroom culture to strengthen learning. He has a lot of support from his amazing wife Grace. You can find Dustin playing board games with friends, teaching, running around LA training for races, or at any of the “BGE's Tabletop” events.

All-Time Favorite Games: Final Fantasy VII, Gloomhaven, Poker

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Rodger Moore “The Druid”

Rodger uses his druid powers to assume many roles as a game resource and product coordinator. He is essential to the Board Gaming with Education Online Marketplace in many other aspects including community outreach, support, and product development.

Rodger is a former high school science teacher.  Rodger has 25 years of experience in education that had him teaching a variety of science subjects including: Biology, life science, microbiology, environmental science, and physical science.  He taught a wide range of students during his career including students in the International Baccalaureate Program.  He used gaming in his classroom and similar strategies at the beginning of his career.  He participated in many professional development courses throughout his time in the classroom.  During the end of his career he started implementing board gaming in his classroom and worked with colleagues to share how he used them in his classroom.  He is very heartfelt about assisting students captivate more ways to understand the material.

All-Time Favorite Games: Champions of Midgard, Kingsburg

Grace Withmory “The Cleric”

Grace’s healing powers behind the scenes as a cleric keep Board Gaming with Education healthy and functioning. She also uses a lot of her melee combat powers with her strong-armed approach to lead the design of Board Gaming with Education resources and materials.

All-Time Favorite Games: Terraforming Mars, Rising Sun


Other Characters

Below is a list of awesome individuals who help contribute to BGE's Tabletop in various capacities.

Kirsten Lunde “The Bard”

Kirsten is a part of our resources contribution team! Look out for her name attributed to various BGE's Learning Resources.

Kirsten Lunde is a board game designer and publisher who came to game design through homeschooling her son. She taught several programs for her homeschool co-op and developed a passion for game-based learning.

Kirsten has since been creating family games that have educational benefits through her company Looking Glass Workshop, which will soon be launching her classical music themed engine building game Ovation. Kirsten is also a proud Moderator for Protospiel Online, a quarterly online playtesting event for new and experienced designers to playtest and get feedback on their game designs.

All-Time Favorite Games: Concordia, Lords of Waterdeep, Star Realms

Check out Kirsten's work at Looking Glass Workshop.

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