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End of the Year 2022!

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Our Guests and Customers

Thank you for supporting our store this year! With all of your support we have been able to move toward our store goals and become the best hobby game store around! With over 3,000 orders this year, below are some tangible growth points your support has brought to our store:

  • We’ve been able to support hiring one part-time permanent staff, one seasonal part-time staff, and four Youth Dungeons Masters to provide great experiences in our store.
  • We’ve been able to get our roots planted and develop a strong, customer-facing, family-friendly gaming retail experience. 
  • We’ve been able to move firmly into providing excellent experiences through our event and program offerings. 
  • We have nearly doubled the amount of available inventory in our store, and we’re still growing!
  • We have been able to bring in various new product lines including Warhammer and paints, and expand existing ones such as our indie roleplaying games, sleeves and accessories, tons of more board games, D&D products, and more!
  • Finally, we’ve been able to get closer to our break even point which allows us to focus on more growth for our store. 


Our Staff

Thank you to our amazing staff who have helped us by creating amazing experiences for guests in our store.


A special thank you to Elizabeth who has been our superstar in our store this year! If you didn’t see me (Dustin) behind the counter, you likely received help from Elizabeth. She’s your go-to person to ask about anything related to Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, (and maybe soon) Warhammer!


Thank you also to Seren and Ryan who helped us out seasonally this year!


Our Dungeon Masters

Your adventures have brought so many smiles, laughs, and triumphant hands-above-the-head moments to our store. Our youth adventurers have told me and our DMs many times how much they look forward to coming to play in our store, and this is one of the exact reasons we enjoy doing what we do at BGE’s Tabletop. Thank you for creating amazing adventures in our store!


A special thank you to all of our DMs who helped us this year-– Matthew, Ashley, Todd, Max, Richard, Austin, Terra, Daniel.


And also thank you to Aleks with our “Learn to DM Sessions!”


And Elizabeth with our “Create Your First D&D Character Sessions!”

Our Partners and Collaborators who have Helped us Succeed!

Thank you to Nshan who has been helping us with our Pokémon events, generous donations to our shop and our customers, and donations to support our prize pool for tournaments. Players have joined us for our Beginner Pokémon class and developed their skills at our Meet Ups to then go on and compete in our tournaments. It has been amazing to see players develop their skills and grow in our Pokémon community!


Thank you also to Shane, Dan, Jack, and Verlon for hosting various demo events this year including board game demos, Marvel Crisis Protocol, Friday Night Magic, and My Hero Academia.


Thank you also to Dan who helped with his generous donation of Magic and Pokémon cards to help support our store’s growth!


Princess Lilly Gaming Grant

Thanks to our generous donor we have been able to support for a total of $400 to provide gaming needs to 8 different players. If you’re interested in applying for this gaming grant or would like to check out our previous winners, be sure to check out our website for details!


Our Family and Friends

Thank you also to family and friends who have been supporting us from close and afar. Your encouragement and hands on help has been huge to the success we have seen this year. And thank you to all of our family and friends who have supported us directly by shopping with us for your gaming needs. Finally, thank you to Grace who has been a huge support this year. She helps with anything and everything from customer service, to editing this email you are reading and much more– not to mention the huge moral support she has been this year.


With all this thanks, we’d like to share with you our optimism for the future. Stay tuned for a more nuts and bolts business update about the store early next year that includes how we’re doing and some plans for growth and the future.

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