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The Princess Lily Peaflower Gaming Grant

Thanks to a very generous and amazing community member, we will be rewarding gaming grants every month. Details on the application and selection process will be revealed soon. Stay tuned for details regarding The Princess Lily Peaflower Gaming Grant!


What is the gaming grant? 

The Princess Lily Peaflower Gaming Grant is a grant that is made possible by an anonymous member of our gaming community. Thanks to this generous donation, recipients will receive up to $50 to spend in our store on their gaming needs. Yes, we said needs! Because we believe games create moments, shared experiences, and help to grow relationships-- all things we need!


How are recipients chosen?

Recipients will be awarded based on their application (see below). If there are more applicants than allotted funding, all the applicants will be evaluated on a scale of 1 to 5 based on their responses and how the applicant answers the following questions:

  • How likely is the applicant to pursue their gaming needs?
  • Will the grant help the applicant [continue to] explore the world of tabletop gaming?
  • Will the grant [continue to] help the applicant have a positive relationship with tabletop gaming?

The applicants with the highest score will be awarded a grant.

Recipients will be announced every month on our live Friday Stream and/or in one of our weekly newsletters.

No recipient may be awarded multiple grants in one year. No recipient may be awarded more than $50.


How do I apply for the grant?

To apply for this grant be sure to complete this application form.

Past Recipients


"I would like to be considered for the gaming grant because my love for D&D has grew exponentially, I always like to do new things that’ll help me grow especially when it’s out of my comfort zone and I never thought I’d feel this way for table top games. Thanks to BGE I want to expand more and learn more games and have the most fun. So to wrap it all up, I’m a great fit for the gaming grant because I want to keep growing in RPGs and everything I will learn in my journey and in this community."




"I enjoy playing board games, card games. My favorite game Yu-Gi-Oh. If I won the $50 I could use the money to possibly to possibly try new games."