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Gradient Descent
Gradient Descent
Gradient Descent
Gradient Descent

Gradient Descent

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    Winner of the Little RPG Sweetie "STRONG VIBES" Award 2021 

    Winner The Ramanan Sivaranjan Excellence in Gaming Best God Damn Books of 2020


    Gradient Descent is a sci-fi horror megadungeon set in an abandoned android factory controlled by a powerful rogue AI known as "MONARCH." Built from the ground up for the ENnie Award Winning Mothership RPG.

    Written by Luke Gearing (Fever Swamp, Acid Death Fantasy) and illustrated by RPG newcomer, Nick Tofani, it includes:

    • The CLOUDBANK Synthetics Production Facility, AKA "The Deep," a 12 level, 200+ room megadungeon. Clean layout with an eye towards usability at the table, the Deep is one of the easiest to reference and run megadungeons on the market.
    • The Bell, a small scavenged camp orbitting the Deep, where your players can rest and recuperate from adventuring. Contains a small crew of NPCs with their own unique rumors and agendas. 
    • A d100 table of powerful Artifacts created by Monarch, each with their own unique effects and potential hazards.
    • Campaign ready! A section on Fallout gives guidance on the potential short and long term consequences your players may face as a result of their actions in The Deep.
    • One shot accessible: Quick tips and tables make it easy to run a 1-3 hour "dive" into The Deep for a single night's play.
    • Supports different playstyles: Everything in the Deep wants something and can be reckoned or bartered or negotiated with. Great for Faction play, social roleplayers, or players who just want a difficult series of combat encounters.
    • A unique new condition called "The Bends" that will have your players questioning whether they are human.
    • Coming soon: Player aid handout maps for download. Players can fill in the maps with information they learn as they explore. 

    This adventure is suitable for characters of any level in a survival horror setting and is sure to pose a challenge to even the most battle hardened party. You can even find the core rules for Mothership here for Pay What You Want.


    Content Warning // Contains: Scenes of graphic violence, body horror, emotional trauma, psychological distress, obscene language, and harm to android children.


    64 pages. Full color interior.
    Written by Luke Gearing
    Illustrated by Nick Tofani
    Edited by Jarrett Crader
    Layout by Sean McCoy