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Dice Free Dungeons: Quickstart Guide

Dice Free Dungeons: Quickstart Guide

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    De-Dicify Your Games:

    Put the roleplaying back into RPG’s by reducing time spent rolling dice, time spent doing mental math, and time spent consulting complicated rules. Play Dice-Free Dungeons if you want games that:

    • Optimize Player Agency

    • Streamline Skill Use

    • Maximize Combat Simplicity

    • Improve Spell Customization

    • Invoke Eld Magics

    • Use a Meaningful Health System

    • Give Monsters AI

    • Have Relatable Characters


      • Optimize Player Agency. Characters can take extra time and effort to get higher level results by spending ‘Effort Points.’  Any time an action would require the character to strain, or to go beyond their normal limits, they spend ‘Effort Points’ in order to accomplish their goals.
      • Streamline Skill Use. Characters automatically get relevant information based on their passive skill scores. Players can spend ‘Effort Points’ to temporarily bend their skill rank to a higher level.
      • Maximize Combat Simplicity. Characters engage various weapon ‘Maneuvers’ that does a unique attack, like Cleave, Flurry of Blades, or Armor Bash. 
      • Improve Spell Customization. Characters can craft custom spells by combining various tags from a table of 62 spell tags from the ‘New Magics.’
      • Invoke Eld Magics. Characters can opt for pursuing ‘Eld Magics,’ each with a unique focus on a particular style. Use Bagomancy for object manipulation shenanigans. Use Resonators to alter gravity and spatial functions.
      • Use a Meaningful Health System. Characters have 3 slots for health, and damage has mechanical effects (lowered movement speed, loss of ‘Effort Points’, loss of consciousness, etc).
      • Give Monsters AI. Opponent Characters have unique abilities and specific strategies for how to react in combat. Will the Assassin fight to the death, or preserve his own life? Will the Dire Wolf flee from sources of flame?
      • Have Relatable Characters. Each character enters the game with a virtue, vice, conviction, and quirk that guides how they interact with the world.