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Pokémon Trainer's Club (Play and Trade) - Level Up!


Pokémon Trainers' League at BGE's Tabletop

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Are you searching for a captivating and rewarding activity to engage your child's interest? Look no further than the exciting world of Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG) leagues, where your child can not only have a blast but also have the chance to win fantastic prizes. Here's why joining a Pokémon TCG league can be a thrilling and beneficial experience for your little one:

  1. Unleash their Strategic Genius: Pokémon TCG is not just a card game; it's a masterful blend of strategy, critical thinking, and quick decision-making. By participating in a TCG league, your child will develop their cognitive skills as they analyze card combinations, plan effective tactics, and outmaneuver their opponents. This engaging gameplay will stimulate their minds and boost their strategic prowess.

  2. Fosters Social Connections: Pokémon TCG leagues provide a vibrant and welcoming community for kids to connect with fellow players who share their love for this captivating card game. Your child will have the opportunity to forge friendships, trade cards, and engage in friendly battles with like-minded peers. This social interaction nurtures teamwork, communication, and sportsmanship, all while creating lasting memories.

  3. Builds Confidence and Self-Esteem: As your child triumphs in Pokémon TCG battles, secures victories, and earns impressive prizes, their confidence and self-esteem will soar. Witnessing their skills and efforts pay off will instill a sense of accomplishment and pride within them. These positive emotions will have a profound impact on their self-belief and overall personal development.

  4. Develops Financial Literacy: Pokémon TCG introduces children to the concept of value and the importance of making informed choices. As they collect and trade cards, your child will learn about supply and demand, negotiation skills, and the potential worth of different cards. This practical experience in financial literacy can be a valuable life lesson that prepares them for future decision-making scenarios.

  5. Nurtures Responsible Ownership: Pokémon TCG encourages responsible ownership and care for valuable possessions. Your child will learn to organize and protect their card collection, ensuring that each card is kept safe and well-maintained. This sense of responsibility fosters organizational skills and cultivates a mindful approach to taking care of their belongings.

  6. Inspires a Competitive Spirit: Pokémon TCG leagues offer a controlled and stimulating competitive environment. Your child will experience the thrill of going head-to-head with other skilled players, honing their strategic abilities, and showcasing their talents. This healthy competition will fuel their determination, resilience, and perseverance, qualities that are invaluable for success in various aspects of life.

  7. Expands Knowledge and Creativity: Pokémon TCG exposes children to a rich world of characters, lore, and imaginative artwork. As they delve into the game, your child will expand their knowledge of Pokémon, develop their creativity in deck-building, and engage in imaginative play. This intellectual stimulation fosters a love for learning and nurtures their creative expression.

Dates: The Trainer's League will run on (most) Fridays from 3 - 6 pm. Be sure to check out store calendar for current dates. 

You don't need to attend every session to be able to participate. You can complete the challenge as quickly or as slowly as you would like to. There is limit to the number of stamps you can receive in one week.

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Earn points by completing achievements!

What prizes can you earn?

  • Pack of Pokémon Cards
  • Prize Packs
  • Single Cards
  • Other prizes!

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How can you earn points?

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  • 1 Point (up to 6 points a week): Complete a trade with another player. The trade needs to be the following:
      • The trade must be for card(s) total value of less than $5 according to the website TCG Player (tcgplayer.com). Use the Market Price value to determine the cost of both sides of the trade. The club leader will quiz you on the value to receive your stamp!
      • Both traders must have a distinct reason for trading for their particular cards, and inform our staff the reason why to receive their stamp for the trade.
      • To finalize the trade players must shake hands and agree to the deal.



    1. Trading cards valued over $5 will NOT receive a point. If your trainer does not have an adult present, they are not allowed to trade cards over $5. We also highly recommend not trading cards over $5 in our store without 
    2. BGE’s Tabletop, staff, management, and owners are not responsible for any trades that take place in our store. It is up to you and your trainer’s adult/guardian to oversee any trades. We are also not responsible for lost or stolen cards or other items.
    3. Fake cards are not allowed in our store. We do understand that sometimes these cards sneak into a collection unnoticed. However, please keep in mind to upkeep the integrity of our store, we may need to inform any trainers if their cards are not authentic.
    4. If your trainer is a part of drop-off and they do not have an adult guardian in the store during trades, they are allowed to make trades for cards under $5 only.
    5. A deal is a deal. If there is any issues with the trade after it is finalized, both parties must come to an agreement. Again, BGE’s Tabletop, staff, management, and owners are not responsible for any trades that take place in our store. And we are not responsible for mediating any of these disagreements.
    6. You are NOT allowed to buy and sell cards between trainers in our store. You may only trade card(s) for card(s). You may buy and sell to us, of course! :)

    Playing the Game

    1 Points: Play a game in the store for 1 point

    1 Points: Play with someone outside of your age group (on top of the point for playing a game)

    2 Points: Bring a friend to the store to sign up for the league and you earn 2 points, and your friend earns 2 points.

    2 Point: Come in on our designated Pokémon days (currently Fridays from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm) to earn 2 points.

    1 Point: Play a game fairly and with great sportsmanship (shake hands, say good luck, finish with shaking hands, and say good game)-- up to 3 per/week.

    1 Point: The winner of each game will receive 1 point– up to 3 per/week.

    4 points: Teach and play with a brand new player to the game (both the teacher and the new player will earn 4 points)

    Bonus Points (TBD): Complete different gym trainer challenges there could include:

    • Playing against one of our staff (coming soon)!
    • Playing with several different decks over the course of play (coming soon)!

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    Price: $49.99

    Time Frame to Complete: You will have 8 weeks to finish your pass before you will either need to renew your pass or move onto level 2.

    Includes $90+ Value!

    • Play Space Fee (6 Weeks - $30 and any other time to play Pokémon - pending play space availability). You will have 6 weeks access to our play space without having to pay the fee to play Pokémon from the date of your level purchase.
    • Pokémon Cards ($32+)
    • Staff support to help coordinate games! ($45/hour)

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    Drop-off Fee Add-on Price (ages 7 and up): $19.99 for one session - If you would like to drop your child off during our Pokémon Trainers' Club, you will need to complete a liability waiver and pay our drop-off fee. Please check with us beforehand to be sure drop-off service is offered the week you plan to attend. Until there is a consistent demand for drop-off service, we bring on staff based on demand. Any child picked up 10 minutes past pick-up time will incur an additional fee.

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