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Into the Inklands League


Disney Lorcana Second Chapter - Into the Inklands

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No discount on booster boxes - This is the first time we will have booster boxes available to order after the set releases. Since booster boxes are already discounted based on our per pack price, we are unable to offer a discount on booster boxes for league members. Everything else will still include a 10% off league member discount.

6 weeks instead of 4 - We will host our usual achievement-based league play for the first five weeks of the league. Which means you will have an additional bonus week of play and extra time to complete your Questing Chart. On the sixth week, we will have a structured tournament with only Into the Inklands cards available.

Week 6 is an optional tournament - If you would like to participate in our Into the Inklands structured tournament, be sure to choose the add-on on the sign-up page. This is an additional $10 fee to participate in our structured tournament. Each player will receive a participation pack, participation promo, and the top two players will receive a winner pack each. This tournament will be single elimination and is limited to only Into the Inkland cards.

Sign-up link will go live for non-reoccurring league members on Tuesday, 2/20. 

If you were a previous league member, be sure to check with us about the passcode to sign-up before 2/16. If you have not participated in our league previously, the link will go live on 2/20.

Welcome to our Lorcana League at BGE’s Tabletop!

We’re excited to announce our league play for Into the Inklands! Based on previous leagues and feedback our league will run for six weeks and we will only have one round of our league instead of multiple. Then, starting on week 7 we will run various Lorcana Events including draft tournaments, sealed tournaments, 2v2 tournaments, Poorcana, and more! Our league structure and events are very much centered around participating in the awesome new game of Lorcana, learning the game as a community together, and growing our in-store play community!

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When is the Lorcana League?

The league will start Tuesday, Feb. 27th.


The league will run every Tuesday night from 5 pm to 8 pm and every Tuesday night the store normally closes at 7 pm on Tuesdays, but we will be staying open a little later for our Lorcana League going forward). There will be 17 league member spots and availability for an additional 2 - 3 spaces for non-league members to join in on the fun. These additional spaces are non-league member spots.


The league will end Tuesday, April 2nd.

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How do I enter?

You can sign up now by following this link! You can visit our store, or send us a message on our social media platforms or website. As soon as you sign up, you can receive your league tracking sheet by stopping in the store. You will receive your designated packs when they become available.

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What are the awards/prizes?

We will be awarding packs and promos based on achievements! Check out our Questing Chart! All league players must register with the Melee player tracker program.

  • Every league member will receive 1 promo card upon signing up (Jolly Roger).
  • When you complete tier 1 you earn 1 Lorcana Into the Inklands Booster pack!
  • When you complete tier 2  you earn 1 additional Lorcana Into the Inklands Booster pack!
  • 1 additional Lorcana Into the Inklands Booster pack!
  • When you complete tier 4 you will earn 1 promo card (How Far I'll Go, John Silver, or Kit Cloudkicker). These are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, and based on availability.
  • All players who complete tier 5, will earn an entry for the raffle to win a pin! These are awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis, and based on availability. Most pins and trackers will be awarded to league members, while some will be reserved for future events.


Check out the Questing Chart for more details!


chart with stickers spots for tracking.

How do I earn the awards/prizes?

You can earn awards/prizes by completing different tiers on our Questing Chart! Here are different ways you can earn lore for your Questing Chart:

  • Play a game fairly and with good sportsmanship - shake hands, say good luck, shake hands again, and say good game (1 lore)
  • Win a game (1 additional lore)
  • Come to our designated league nights (2 lore)
  • Teach a new player how to play the game (2 lore)
  • Bring a friend to our league night (2 lore)
  • Dress up as a Disney character (3 lore)
  • Wear any Disney merch (1 lore)
  • Post about the league or our store on social media (1 lore)
  • Any positive impact or nice gesture to help grow our community - determined by staff (1 - 3 lore)


  • IS IT REALLY A SMALL WORLD? Have 3 different locations in play
  • TALES UNTOLD: Have an opponent lose 5 lore in a single game
  • SPOTS BEFORE MY EYES: Have 3 different Dalmatians in play / Bonus point: 5 different Dalmatians in play
  • BATTLE OF WITS: Have Genie, Jafar, and Iago in play
  • THE FUTURE IS CRYSTAL CLEAR: Have Kida and Milo Thatch in play
  • MINE, MINE, ALL MINE: Have Scrooge McDuck at McDuck Manor with Vault Door in play
  • THE MERRY TH REE: Have Robin Hood, Little John, and Maid Marion in play
  • EVERYTHING THE LIGHT TOUCHES: Have Simba and Nala at the Pride Lands
  • WE KNOW THE WAY: Have Moana, Maui, and HeiHei in play
  • HOME AGAIN: Have Peter Pan plus either Tinker Bell or Wendy Darling at Never Land
  • READY TO DEFEND: Have Nottingham, Robin Hood, and Robin’s Bow in play
  • SEAT OF POWER: Have The Queen at The Queen’s Castle
  • KICKING MORE THAN CLOUDS: Have Kit Cloudkicker plus either Thaddeus E. Klang or Don Karnage in play
  • I’LL ALWAYS KNOW WHERE YOU ARE: Have Jim Hawkins and Captain Amelia at RLS Legacy


All league players must register with the Melee player tracker program to receive any prizing.

You can earn up to 14 lore per week.

Staff must sign off on your sheet to authenticate your lore.

You must reach each tier level to receive your prizes before the end of the first round for the league– the end of the night on Tuesday, April 2nd.

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What is the price? And what is included in the league? 

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You will receive one of three options (based on availability - the top two options are limited):

  • Get 3 Lorcana Into the Inklands Booster Packs for signing up!
  • You may substitute Into the Inkland Starter Deck for 2 packs and receive 1 Into the Inkland Booster Packs for signing up to receive a total of 1 starter deck and 1 pack.
  • Or get $20 in store credit for signing up!


$69+ value for only $44.99!

Includes at least 5 weeks of play space fees ($25 value)

3 Lorcana Into the Inklands Booster Packs for signing up ($22.47 value) OR 1 Starter Deck ($17.99 value) and 1 Pack ($7.49 value)

3 Lorcana Into the Inklands Booster Packs for Participating: everyone may earn at least 3 additional booster packs ($22.47 value). In store play requirements to receive the additional packs. 

Additional promo cards, pins, and tracker: awarded based on our achievements or randomly awarded (see our Questing Chart).

Optional (this is a $10 add-on) - Optional entry into our week 6 Into the Inklands Structured Tournament! 

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  • You may play in our store without paying the play space fee to record a match for the league. This includes our designated league nights or non-designated nights. Please be sure to check our store calendar for non-designated nights. You may only record two league matches per day on non-designated league nights.
  • You may access additional product at lower prices. Every Lorcana product (beside booster boxes) will be 10% off our listed price for league-members. You must be an "active" league member. This means you should be playing games in our store to receive the league member discount. "Active" standing is determined by at least one game played within the last month of purchase.

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What is the format for the first round?

For the first round of the league, the format for play will be very open. You can use any size deck and any number of inks in your deck for the first round of our league. This is to encourage players to learn the game. We suggest you pair up with other players who have similar deck levels as yours. For example, if you come to the league with a competitive level deck, we suggest you either find someone else with a deck at about the same level as yours, or you bring a backup deck to play with players who have starter decks.

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Next Round?

Based on previous leagues and feedback our league will run for six weeks and we will only have one round of our league instead of multiple. Then, starting on week 7 we will run various Lorcana Events including draft tournaments, sealed tournaments, 2v2 tournaments, Poorcana, and more!

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