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BGE's Tabletop Talk VideoCast: Sustainability in Tabletop Gaming (Episode 6)

Join Dustin for another episode of the BGE's Tabletop Talk VideoCast! Dustin is joined by Kevin and Micha from Gaia Games. They talk about what it means to create a sustainable board game and how we can be conscious of this in the industry as consumers, publishers, and store owners.

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00:00 - 2:25 - Episode Introduction

2:25 - 5:32 - Welcome Kevin and Micha from Gaia Games

5:32 - 15:06 - Tabletop Gaming in Germany

15:06 - 35:14 - Sustainability in Tabletop Gaming

35:14 - 37:33 - Dustin, Keving, and Micha play 5-Second Rule

37:33 - Thank you Kevin and Micha!


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Check out Gaia Games and Get in Touch with Kevin:

visit us: www.gaiagames.de (unfortunally our website is only in german) Email: Kontakt@gaiagames.de Insta: @gaia_games

Kevin and Gaia Games

Usually, I am smiling while keeping busy. I am easyily to excited and always happy to start new projects. Lately, I am working as an outdoor and climbing trainer outside of my work for Gaia Games. Gaia Games is an idealistic and sustainable game publisher from Germany, And we mean it! For example, a few days ago we packed 2000 bags of organic beans to use as tokens in our newest game, cause producing extra game tokens didn´t seem reasonable to us. We are also developing most of our games on our own. Our main goal is to create "edutaining" games on topics which are important to us.

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