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BGE's Tabletop Talk VideoCast: Representation in Gaming with HerStory (Episode 8)

Join Dustin for another Tabletop Talk Episode about tabletop gaming as he is joined by Danielle Reynolds to talk about the design process for HerStory. We talk about how the game came to be, some challenges in design, and other related topics. We also dive into the topic of representation in gaming, and what we can do as a whole and as individuals to make lasting and positive impacts on representation in gaming.

Watch the VideoCast 

00:00 - 00:53 - Episode Introduction

00:53 - 3:38 - Welcome Danielle from Underdog Games

3:38 - 9:00 - Introduction to HerStory

9:00 - 17:50 - Representation in Tabletop Gaming

32:07 - 38:36 - Dustin and Danielle Play Wavelength

35:36 - Thank you Danielle!

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I am an LGBTQ+ game designer located in Springfield, MA. Currently, I work for Underdog Games as their Head of Kids Game Design & Development where I help inspire curiosity designing family games. Beyond my day job, I am the host of a podcast called “Game Design Unboxed: Inspiration to Publication” hosted on the Know Direction Network. In the podcast I talk with tabletop game designers on specific games or series of games they have created. Listeners will learn where the initial idea for the game came from, how the game developed over time and where the game is now after being published. I am also an Officer with Tabletop Gaymers promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion by championing the visibility and recognition of the LGBTQIA+ community through tabletop gaming. I also volunteer as an admin for Board Game Broads+ which is a space for women, gender non-conforming, non-binary and trans folks in the tabletop game industry on Facebook. Plus, I am on the board of Unpub helping plan/run playtesting spaces and panels at conventions. I’m also a mentor for the Tabletop Mentorship Program and volunteer for Women in Games International and the Young Inventor Challenge hosted by the People of Play Conference. I kinda live and breathe gaming!

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