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BGE's Tabletop Talk VideoCast: Navigating Game Night

Join Dustin for our first full episode of the BGE's Tabletop Talk VideoCast! Dustin has a quick visit from a friend and content creator traveling from Taiwan, and has Sam of B.A. Games on the show to talk about how we can navigate playing games with others.

Sam and Dustin talk about topics related to how to prepare for game night, finding the right game for your game night, why Monopoly and Candyland are actually great games, and many more topics related to joining others around the gaming table. 


Watch the VideoCast

00:00 - 00:31 - Episode Introduction

00:31 - 00:47 - Jay from  @Cardboard East  stops by!

00:47 - 10:30 - Sam, B.A. Games, and Cult of the Deep

10:30 - 12:00 - Getting Nostalgic and Talking about Games We Played as a Kid

12:00 - 17:51 - Some Brief History of Games and How They Fit in Our Society and Culture

17:51 - 28:24 - Monopoly, Candyland, and Opinions about Games

28:24 - 37:00 - Playing Games with Others

37:00 - 39:00 - Game Time!

39:15 - Thank you Sam!


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B.A. Games

B.A. Games is a lifelong pursuit of creating something in the gaming space together. Growing up as 5 brothers, games helped us to stay connected with one another. Which is why we decided to name the company, B.A. Games. B.A. stands for Brothers Awesome. I was young, it was the 90s, and I really loved to listen to MC Hammer. I made a rap about how we were the Brothers Awesome and I have been mocked and ridiculed since. However, it morphed into a term of endearment and we made our company , Brothers Awesome Games.

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In this VideoCast we'll explore several tabletop gaming topics. On our show we will be joined by guests, share some thoughts on the tabletop gaming hobby, talk about some games, and share what it is like running a tabletop gaming store.

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