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BGE's Tabletop Magic: The Gathering Rainbow League


Starting Wednesday, June 29th, we will be hosting our first Magic: The Gathering league at BGE's Tabletop.

What is a Magic: The Gathering (MTG) League?

To keep it brief, so we can get to what our league is all about: a MTG league is a series of games usually played throughout a set period of time and with a set number of players.


BGE's Tabletop MTG Rainbow League

BGE's Tabletop MTG Rainbow League is a league for standard play. You complete against other players and are rewarded for the variety of decks you create based on the different colors in MTG.

Dates: 6/29/22 to 8/3/22

Our first league night will be Wednesday June 29th at 6:30 PM, and will continue every Wednesday until August 3rd, where we will celebrate our final night of the league.


Entry Fee: $10 plus purchase five draft booster packs for your first game!


Prizes: Prizes will be awarded based on the following.

  • Most Points Scored (collector's booster)
  • Most Games Played (collector's booster)
  • Friendliest Player (collector's booster)
  • Prizes scale based on league participants
  • Anyone who completes a rainbow by using every color in MTG (set booster)
  • We will add one draft booster pack per league member that will be raffled off to all players who attend our final night of the league.

Prizes scale based on participants. You cannot win more one category more than once. 


How do I play and score points?

Purchase five standard draft packs and create a deck based on your packs. 

Points scored based on:

  • Each time you play in the store you receive 1 point. 
  • Each time you use a new color or new color combination (up to two different colors) you receive 2 points.
  • Each time you win a match you receive 3 points.

You are allowed to record league matches any time throughout the week. However, you can only play one match for the league once per day.

For future matches you are allowed to purchase one additional booster pack for your deck. Your deck and additional cards will be kept safely in our store until the league is over. If at any time you would like to retire from the league, you can retrieve your deck from our store.

Play space fee waived if participating in any of our MTG leagues.

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