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Innistrad Checklist [Innistrad Tokens]

Innistrad Checklist [Innistrad Tokens]

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    Magic: The Gathering
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    Set: Innistrad Tokens
    Type: Card
    Rarity: Common
    (You can mark this card to represent a double-faced card in your library or hand.)
    ☐ Cloistered Youth {1}{W}
    ☐ Thraben Sentry {3}{W}
    ☐ Civilized Scholar {2}{U}
    ☐ Delver of Secrets {U}
    ☐ Ludevic's Test Subject {1}{U}
    ☐ Bloodline Keeper {2}{B}{B}
    ☐ Screeching Bat {2}{B}
    ☐ Hanweir Watchkeep {2}{R}
    ☐ Instigator Gang {3}{R}
    ☐ Kruin Outlaw {1}{R}{R}
    ☐ Reckless Waif {R}
    ☐ Tormented Pariah {3}{R}
    ☐ Village Ironsmith {1}{R}
    ☐ Daybreak Ranger {2}{G}
    ☐ Garruk Relentless {3}{G}
    ☐ Gatstaf Shepherd {1}{G}
    ☐ Grizzled Outcasts {4}{G}
    ☐ Mayor of Avabruck {1}{G}
    ☐ Ulvenwald Mystics {2}{G}{G}
    ☐ Villagers of Estwald {2}{G}

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